Labour time recording

Labour time recording is structured in the following modules: 

Labour time work centre
In contrast to the classic BDE with the registration of the account allocation of the operator time to the order and work centre, there is a qualified collection of activities (non-productive times) that cannot be allocated directly to an account. 

Labour time at work
All times for the operator within his working time are collected with qualification. X-NetMES registers each "time slice" for the operator and distinguishes between time that can be allocated to an account and time that cannot be allocated to an account.

At work time terminal
The at work time is collected and posted in correlation with the SAP HR module (Human Resources). The operator can input his attendance and absence status on a separate at work time terminal.

This X-NetMES module replaces the middleware for at work time collection (clock-in / clock-out time). All common identification systems are supported (Legic, Mifare, etc.)