Machine data logging

The structure of the machine time is roughly divided into processing, set-up / cleaning, downtime planned and downtime not planned.

X-NetMES collects these status values and posts the corresponding times to the SAP activity types. The qualification of breakdown data is a major component of the function.

Production quantities and related process parameters are also collected and posted.

The status and quantities can either be collected manually by the operator or automatically directly by the machine.

The machine is connected quite easily via:

  • A signal converter that collects the machine signals directly
  • An OPC connection that communicates with the machine control unit
  • An HTTP connection that is used to establish an individual communication path.

X-NetMES has standardized processes for each connection type. Approximately 5,000 machines have already been connected to SAP via X-NetMES worldwide. Whether it is Simatic, Sinumeric, Heidenhain, Allen Bradley, GE-Fanuc, etc. – our team has a solution.