Studio / Evaluations

X-NetMES Studio is available for evaluation of the MES data. The display includes the current status of the work centre and the parametrizable display of evaluations.

The activity status for personnel and system is displayed colour-coded for each work centre. Information about the assignment and machine activity can be viewed at a glance.

Detailed evaluations are available on several levels. In the default setting, the levels are divided into area, cost centre, work centre and capacity. 

Preset evaluations for the continuous improvement process, such as:

Process of the status on the level (cost centre / work centre), OEE, NEE, MTBF, failure data analyses, output in relation to various objects, shift reports, attendance statistics, etc. are available. The preset evaluations can be adjusted to suit individual needs. The trained administrator can store his own evaluations.

An SAP BI or SAP BW interface exists.