Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection must match: For the process, the operator's work method and the environment.

This has been offered by X-RF - the mobile data collection with SAP - for 20 years!

During that time, the product was continuously reinvented - every finding and every positive experience was incorporated in the product.

Today, X-RF - the mobile data collection with SAP - represents an optimal mobile workflow in production and logistics.

The X-RF module portfolio supports the following areas:

  • Goods receipt: Information, collection and posting
  • Warehouse: Any material movements, regardless of whether this is MM, WM or EWM 
  • Production: Number of units, times to the material request 
  • Quality assurance: Inspecting, collecting and deciding
  • Maintenance: Notification, registration and posting
  • Material flow: Material movements of any kind, including maintaining by batch or serial numbers.

 Conclusion: There is no practical mobile workflow in SAP ERP that we have not mapped with X-RF.