Mobile Data Collection

Controlcenter (X-RF CC)

X-RF CC is the central control level for mobile processes. The X-RF CC can be used to distribute tasks to operators and thereby provide for optimal control of the material flow.

The transfer orders / lines for put-away and picking at a WM warehouse must be distributed to the registered operators based on specific criteria. Route optimizations, strategies for item consolidation, compliance with shipment completions, etc. are thereby easy to control.

The warehouse manager can view the status of any stock movement directly at a cockpit. The capacity utilization, lead time and process speeds are also displayed.

Maintenance represents another area that must be controlled and monitored with the X-RF CC. Maintenance orders that have been created can be assigned centrally to a specific maintenance operator.

The current processing status of the respective maintenance order can be centrally displayed in the cockpit.

There are various applications for the X-RF CC. The X-RF CC is used whenever a pool of orders must be distributed to a group of operators. - Increased productivity is guaranteed.